Benefits of Karkar Oil on Afro-Textured Hair

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Kayla Michaels

Kayla Michaels

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When taking care of your hair, it is equally important to pay attention to both your scalp and your shaft’s health. This is all the more crucial since coily hair is often prone to being low porosity, meaning that it may not always be nourished to the extent it needs. That’s why it’s important to choose hair care products which are specifically designed to benefit your hair type.


Karkar Oil is the perfect solution for boosting your hair health, bringing a healthy shine to your locks while also cleansing your scalp. Read this post further to find out the full range of benefits Karkar Oil provides for afro-textured hair.

What is Karkar Oil and why is it good for your hair?

Karkar Oil is a traditional remedy used by women in northern Africa, more specifically in Chad and Sudan, to grow healthy hair and to protect the scalp from any irritants. It is made using all-natural ingredients including Sesame seed oil, tallow, ostrich oil and honey wax.


Karkar Oil has many great benefits but one of the reasons why it’s so great for coily hair is because it provides everything needed to rejuvenate your hair and prevent any dryness it might experience. Find out about all the benefits in detail further.

Benefits of Karkar Oil

Karkar oil has a number of benefits for both scalp and hair, including:


  • Scalp Treatment: While often neglected, taking care of your scalp can be just as important as minding the state of your hair. Karkar Oil is a perfect product for cleansing your scalp and providing your hair with a perfect environment to grow in. Specifically, it fertilizes the scalp to reduce dandruff, flakiness, and itchiness, while also containing antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Trapping Moisture: It is without a doubt that moisturization is one of the most important factors in growing healthy hair - and it is just as important to be able to maintain that moisture so that your hair is nourished. Karkar Oil helps trap the moisture your hair needs to last it from one wash to another. It works especially well in combination with Chebe Hair Butter or Chebe Hair Paste by trapping the moisture these products provide.
  • Hair Texture Improvement: Alongside more health related benefits, Karkar Oil can also have a more aesthetic effect as well. In particular, ingredients contained in Karkar Oil help boost the blood circulation in the scalp, improving your hair texture. As a result, your hair not only feels - but also looks - super soft and silky smooth, with a touch of healthy glow.
  • Healthy Hair Growth: Karkar Oil has been proven to promote healthy hair growth - not the least due to the above mentioned benefits. This product’s ability to treat hair from the very follicles in your scalp to the tips of your hair guarantees a perfect foundation for consistent hair growth.


How to Apply Karkar Oil

Using Karkar Oil can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1

Moisturize your hair with leave-in conditioner

Apply Karkar Oil only when your hair is moist. To begin a hot oil treatment, start with shampooed hair and heating the oil in a separate container.

Step 2

Divide your hair into sections and rub Karkar Oil between your palms

Depending on the thickness and kind of your hair, you can choose how many sections you divide your hair into.

Step 3

Apply Karkar Oil to your hair

Apply it to your hair from root to tip. Section by section, thoroughly massage it and work the oil into your hair to ensure absorption.

Frequency of Use and Dosage

While frequency of use and dosage can be highly dependent on your hair type and we suggest observing your hair’s reaction to Karkar Oil as mentioned above, there are some general recommendations that you might want to follow.


We suggest applying Karkar Oil at most once a week on freshly washed hair. On average, we recommend 3-4 applications over the course of a month for maximum effect.


The amount needed for full application will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. Apply more if you have thick and long hair. It is recommended to apply a quarter-sized amount on a small section of your hair.

Side Effects

It is our general recommendation that you do a patch test before using any of our products. You can do this by applying Karkar Oil to a small area of your skin. Observe if you have any form of irritation, swelling of eyes and mouth or difficulty breathing, immediately rinse the area. If irritation persists, please consult your doctor.


Additionally, it is important you be careful when you use Karkar Oil for hot oil treatment. Since the process requires heating up the oil, it is crucial you let it cool down enough before applying in order to avoid any potential risks of burning your hair and/or scalp. We suggest reading our blog about side effects or precautions when Using Karkar Oil


Is chebeauty’s Karkar Oil made using natural ingredients?
Karkar Oil, as well as all the other products in our range, are formulated using all-natural and safe ingredients. Each ingredient plays a vital role in providing your hair with essential nutrients to get the results you want. You can consult the full ingredients list on our product page.


Where is chebeauty made?
While sourced directly from the Republic of Chad, all of chebeauty products are made lovingly in the USA.


Can Karkar Oil be applied on the scalp?
Unlike chebeauty’s Chebe Hair Oil, Karkar Oil can be applied not only all along the shaft of your hair, but also to your scalp. If anything, it is intended to treat both hair and scalp