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Hair Loss Treatment Bundle

Hair Loss Treatment Bundle


Upgrade on our iconic Power Duo, our Hair Loss Treatment Bundle’s key benefit is that on top of all of the nutrients from the Chebe Hair Butter and Karkar Oil, you also get a protein treatment, strengthening your hair even further. We’ve combined three of our most popular items, so you can enjoy a more diverse hair treatment.


Prevent breakage
and split ends

Strengthen &
lengthen hair

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Bundle Includes

Chebe Hair Butter
Karkar Oil
Fermented Rice Water

Chebe Hair Butter

Thick in texture, our hair butter provides you with a great number of nutrients, acting as a pick-me-up for your locks all-year-round by accessing the hair cuticles with ease and supplying them with high levels of minerals and moisture.


Karkar Oil

Our special hair oil is here to make sure you say goodbye to dry, lifeless hair by boosting blood circulation to your scalp. Assisting your hair by locking in moisture within the hair strands, it helps bring out that shiny, healthy glow you are craving for.


Fermented Rice Water

Our rice water formula will help hydrate your hair and improve its texture. Packed with antioxidants and proteins, it serves as an excellent hair conditioner, making your hair much smoother and stronger at the same time.

Why should I buy a bundle?

chebe products bundle

Our bundles are designed so you get the most out of our haircare range while being more cost-effective than purchasing the products by themselves. We have specifically combined items together that complement each other to maximize your results.

Exceptional quality. Incredible results.

before before
after after

My first choice for haircare by far

I really struggle with keeping my hair hydrated, especially when it gets chillier where I live so I had to try this product out and I absolutely love it! My hair feels much softer for sure.

And our community of women loves us for it.




“It gives so much moisture to your locks and provides them with high levels of nutrients needed for healthy growth.”


Melisza Mcpherson

Beauty Influencer


Christina Abiola

Beauty Influencer


Santia Deck



Kiaya Elliot

Beauty Influencer

Proudly hand-made in the United States

Every product of ours is hand-made with love in the United States. Using centuries old techniques from the women of Chad in Africa, our local artisans have been carefully selected to work at our dedicated facilities in Columbus, Ohio.

karkar oil chebe hair paste

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Julez Roebuck Jackson
Hair Type: Coily (4A, 4B, 4C)
Product Standouts: Hydrating, Promotes Hair Growth, Detangles Hair, Makes Hair Soft, Fast Results, Repairs
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0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Highly recommended)
cheebeauty completes me!

Not only did these products do EVERYTHING THEY PROMISED, they have eliminated the occurrence of the bad hair day!

Veda Mathis
Hair Type: Curly (3A, 3B, 3C)
Product Standouts: Hydrating, Fast Results, Repairs
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0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Highly recommended)
Hair Restore April 2023

I started using Chebe Hair Butter and KarKar Hair Oil in April 2023. Although it only has been a few short weeks, I am excited. My hair is very thin, soft and weak. If I am not careful, it will break. I am concerned about the weakness. My hair is currently in braids and is responding to the product. So far, I washed my hair twice and very little hair came out. I will keep you posted and thank you for the opportunity to give a preliminary review,


Terri criddle

this make my hair so soft and shiny. Im glad i came across your products.

Santasha Calhoun

Doesn't really have a strong smell and keeps my hair shrinkage to a minimum. Highly recommend for coily and curly hair

Be careful

I use this as in between wash days moisturizer with 70% water 20% product and it goes amazing!, don't apply as freely as a cream or custard as this is heavier, I love the exotic smell! n.n


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