We create haircare products that empower black women

Our hair is an important part of our identity. It can fill us with confidence, make us feel beautiful, and connect us to our roots. That is why when it comes to hair, we want to get it 100% right. We’re a company that wants to redefine beauty practices, reinvent haircare, and empower black women around the world to embrace their authentic selves.

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A new benchmark in haircare

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Our guiding philosophy is to create a natural, ethically produced haircare range that empowers black women around the world.

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We believe everyone deserves extraordinary hair. That is why we have developed a haircare range that incorporates the finest natural ingredients from the rich soils of Africa to give you the results your hair craves.


Our products are expertly handcrafted in the USA with authentic chebe powder derived from the heart of Africa, to naturally nourish, strengthen, protect and restore the rich beauty of your hair.

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An Evolving Process

Chebe powder is an ancient haircare remedy that has traditionally been used for centuries by women in Chad. This miracle powder is known to possess remarkable healing properties and is the secret to Chadian women having long, lustrous hair, often all the way down to their waists.

We wanted to share Africa with the world through natural hair products that are inspired by local heritage. Chebe powder is usually mixed with water to create a thick paste that is then applied to the hair. We have blended chebe powder with other necessary components to make it highly applicable, comfortable, and extremely effective.

All-natural ingredients

Our products are formulated with natural ingredients to make the best haircare range in the world.

At Chebeauty, we believe that great haircare can be accomplished without the use of toxic chemicals found in conventional beauty products, and we can achieve this without compromising excellent hair.