Does Chebe Hair Butter Work Effectively on Dyed Hair?

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Rhonda Fitzpatrick

Rhonda Fitzpatrick

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Many factors can contribute to your hair losing its strength and shine. It is all the more prevalent when your hair has been through chemical treatment like dyeing. Your locks become more vulnerable and require additional hydration to keep them nourished and healthy. This is where chebe hair butter comes in. Created using Chebe powder, a mixture applied by Chadian women to maintain their waist-long hair, this hair butter helps strengthen strands and promote healthy growth. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of chebe hair butter on dyed hair and how it can help women with dry, dyed hair maintain healthy locks.

Hair Types Compatible with Chebe Hair Butter

Due to chebe mixtures originating in Africa, products like chebe hair butter have been known to be perfectly compatible with afro-textured hair the most. Nevertheless, the kinds of nutrients that chebe hair butter contains do not in any way exclusively benefit coily hair. In fact, they have proven to be effective regardless of hair type. That's why we encourage you to try it out without fear. Learn more how chebe butter works on all hair types.

Benefits of Chebe Hair Butter on Dyed Hair

Before we break down why chebe hair butter is a perfect solution for treating your dyed hair specifically, we would first like to explain what happens to your locks due to this chemical procedure. It is no secret that no matter what type of hair dye you choose, the consequences for your hair are pretty negative. That is because the ingredients used to make most hair dyes create a chemical reaction, as a result of which protective proteins are lifted, exposing the hair strands to chemicals. Therefore, your hair becomes more sensitive to damage and needs something to nourish it.


Chebe hair butter can do precisely that. The ingredients naturally contained in this product help replenish the moisture in dyed hair and prevent breakage due to dryness. It also contains antioxidants and minerals that can help protect hair from environmental damage caused by UV rays, pollution, and other factors, which can further damage dyed hair.


Chebe hair butter contains shea butter, cupuacu butter, and olive oil that can help moisturize the scalp and hair shaft deeply. These oils contain fatty acids that help replenish the moisture in dyed hair, leaving it feeling soft and nourished. Additionally, chebe hair butter contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as minerals such as zinc and copper. These vitamins and minerals can help strengthen the hair shaft and promote healthy regrowth of the new hair strands.


How to apply Chebe Butter on short hair

In case you decide to try out chebe hair butter on your dyed hair, here is how you can apply it in a few simple steps:

Step 1


Moisturize your hair with leave-in conditioner first

Step 2


Divide your hair into sections and rub chebe hair butter between your palms, making sure to apply it from root to tip while avoiding your scalp

Step 3


Leave it in for a minimum of three hours, depending on your hair’s reaction and sensitivity

Common mistakes

Since chebe hair butter is a relatively new product for the Western market, it can be easy to make mistakes when using it. That’s why we decided to put together some of the common misconceptions about its application.


One of the most common mistakes among beginners is the application of chebe hair butter on the scalp. While not harmful per se, it is generally recommended to avoid using it on the scalp due to a potential allergic reaction and stick to the shaft.


Another common mistake many women make is assuming that chebe hair butter should be used often because of its health properties. It is important to remember that it is a treatment and it is not recommended to apply it more than once per week. Overuse of the product can irritate your strands or weaken the effect of the product.


It is also important to know how to combine chebe hair butter with other products for best use. For example, it is vital to use a mild shampoo and conditioner when rinsing out chebe hair butter from your hair, as harsh products can strip away its beneficial properties. It is also recommended to combine it with other chebe-containing products for maximum effect.


Chebe hair butter is an effective product for dyed hair due to its ability to deeply nourish and moisturize strands while also protecting them from environmental damage. It can also help to reduce breakage caused by dryness. For women with dry dyed hair, using chebe hair butter is an essential part of maintaining healthy locks. In summary, chebe hair butter is an effective product for dyed hair due to its ability to deeply moisturize and sustain strands while also providing protection from environmental damage. It can help to reduce breakage caused by dryness while also promoting healthy regrowth.