How to Use Chebe Hair Paste for Healthier Hair

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Kayla Michaels

Kayla Michaels

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Keeping your hair consistently healthy can be a challenge - especially when it comes to a texture as complex as that of kinky hair. As such, it is no surprise that there is a high demand for a product which will nourish your hair properly while also aiding its growth.


This is where chebe hair products are the safest bet for your concerns. Originating from a tradition specifically rooted in benefitting coily hair, Chebe Hair Paste will help transform your hair into the healthiest it’s ever been.

What is Chebe?

Chebe Hair Paste is a hair product created using a special remedy used by women in the northern African country of Chad to strengthen and promote hair growth called Chebe Powder. Chebe powder, the key ingredient of the paste, is truly exceptional since it has been used for centuries by Chadian women for centuries as an effective remedy for promoting hair growth. Read our article about Chebe powder and learn more about its meaning and usage.


  • Hair Moisturization: Chebe Hair Paste deeply hydrates hair strands from root to tip, which makes for a perfect basis for healthy hair growth
  • Hair Protection: Natural ingredients contained in Chebe Hair Paste ensure ultimate protection for your shaft, preventing it from some of the most common hair issues such as dryness, breakage and split ends
  • Hair Texture Improvement: Ingredients contained in Chebe Hair Paste help the rejuvenation process of your hair and improve its texture. As a result, your hair not only feels - but also looks - super soft and silky smooth
  • Healthy Hair Growth: With the unique Chebe powder at its core, Chebe Hair Paste is a product that will surely help your hair grow long and healthy just like it does for all of the beautiful women of Chad


How to Apply Chebe Hair Paste

Using Chebe Hair Paste can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1

Moisturize your hair with leave-in conditioner

Make sure your hair is well hydrated and damp before applying Chebe Hair Paste to get the best results.

Step 2

Divide your hair into sections and rub Chebe paste between your palms

You can adjust how many sections you divide your hair depending on the thickness and nature of your hair.

Step 3

Apply Chebe Hair Paste to your hair

Make sure to apply it from root to tip, avoiding the scalp. Massage and work the paste into your hair for absorption, section by section.

Common mistakes

While using Chebe Hair Paste regularly can help promote healthy hair growth and reduce breakage of afro-textured hair, it is important to remember that it should not be used more than once per week as overuse can irritate your strands or weaken the effect of the product.

Additionally, it is important to use a mild shampoo and conditioner when rinsing out Chebe Hair Paste from your hair as harsh products can strip away its beneficial properties.


Is chebeauty’s Chebe Hair Paste made using natural ingredients?
Chebe Hair Paste, as well as all the other products in our range, are formulated using all-natural and safe ingredients. Each ingredient plays a vital role in providing your hair with essential nutrients to get the results you want. You can consult the full ingredients list on our product page.


Where is chebeauty made?
While sourced directly from the Republic of Chad, all of chebeauty products are made lovingly in the USA.


Can Chebe Hair Paste be applied on the scalp?
While Chebe Hair Paste can be applied all along the shaft of your hair, it is generally recommended to avoid the scalp.