How to Use Chebe Oil for Hair Growth on Afro-Type Hair

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Kayla Michaels

Kayla Michaels

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While most women seek tips to boost their healthy hair growth, it is an especially sensitive subject for women of color since most products available on the Western market are not targeted at afro-textured hair. As such, us, black women are often left in a constant search for a routine that could consistently strengthen our hair - and help its growth.


Chebe hair products are the perfect answer to your pleas. Originating from a tradition specifically rooted in benefitting coily hair, it is a solution that will help transform your hair into the healthiest - and longest - it’s ever been.

What is Chebe?

Chebe Oil is a hair product created on the basis of a special remedy used by women in the northern African country of Chad to strengthen and promote hair growth called Chebe Powder. The Chebe Powder, which serves as the base of this oil, is made from a shrub called Croton Zambesicus, which is native to Chad and the northern African region. What makes Chebe Oil truly exceptional is that the chebe powder at its core has been used for centuries and has been proven to be an effective remedy for promoting hair growth and strengthening hair strands. In fact, it has long been considered the secret to Chadian women having long, lustrous hair from generation to generation. This blog post will discuss the benefits of Chebe Oil and how to use it for hair growth specifically for afro-textured hair types.

Benefits of Chebe Oil

While Chebe Oil has many benefits for hair growth in particular, it also has a number of other benefits including:

  • Hair Moisturization: It is without a doubt that moisturization is one of the most important factors in growing healthy hair. That is why Chebe Oil’s ability to deeply hydrate hair strands from root to tip makes for a perfect basis for healthy hair growth
  • Low Porosity Hair Improvement: In order to ensure healthy hair growth, it is important to make sure that your hair is well protected from any possible damage that might be in the way of this. Natural ingredients contained in Chebe Oil ensure ultimate protection for your shaft, preventing it from some of the most common hair issues such as dryness, breakage and split ends, meaning that you can grow your hair not only healthier but faster as well.
  • Hair Protection: Rinse, and if you want, you can follow up with a deep conditioner of your choice. Use once per month.
  • Hair Texture Improvement: Alongside more health related benefits, Chebe Oil can also have a more aesthetic effect as well. In particular, ingredients contained in Chebe Oil help the rejuvenation process of your hair and improve its texture. As a result, your hair not only feels - but also looks - super soft and silky smooth, with a touch of healthy glow.
  • Healthy Hair Growth: Most importantly for this article, Chebe Oil has been proven to promote hair growth - not the least due to the other benefits listed above. With the unique chebe powder at its core, it is a product that will surely help your hair grow long and healthy just like it does for all of the beautiful women of Chad.


How to Apply Chebe Oil

Using Chebe Oil can be done in a few simple steps:

Step 1

Moisturize your hair with leave-in conditioner or water

Chebe Hair Oil works best on clean and damp hair. Make sure your hair is well hydrated before use.

Step 2

Divide your hair into sections and rub chebe oil between your palms

You can adjust how many sections you divide your hair depending on the thickness and nature of your hair. Shake the bottle of your oil before applying.

Step 3

Apply Chebe Hair Oil to your hair

Make sure to apply it from root to tip, avoiding the scalp. Massage and work the oil into your hair for absorption, section by section.

Watch the full step-by-step video

Dosage, Frequency & Durability

While the frequency of use and dosage can be highly dependent on your hair type and we suggest observing your hair’s reaction to Chebe Oil as mentioned above, there are some general recommendations that you might want to follow.


When it comes to frequency of use, we suggest applying Chebe Oil at most once a week on freshly washed hair. On average, we recommend 3-4 applications over the course of month for maximum effect.


Dosage-wise, we suggest about a quarter of a palm per single use - although do take into consideration that hair length and thickness are important factors which might influence the amount of product you might need to use. As long as you make sure to cover your strands from root to tip while avoiding the scalp, you can be as generous as you want.


Durability-wise, it is recommended to replenish our Chebe Oil once a month if you have the 4 oz version and every 2 months if you choose the 8 oz one, though once again, this may vary depending on the thickness and length of your hair.

Common mistakes

While using Chebe Oil regularly can help promote healthy hair growth and reduce breakage of afro-textured hair, it is important to remember that it should not be used more than once per week as overuse can irritate your strands or weaken the effect.


Additionally, it is important to use a mild shampoo and conditioner when rinsing out Chebe Oil from your hair as harsh products can strip away its beneficial properties. It is also important to note that Chebe products should not be applied directly to the scalp, but rather on the length of your hair.


Is chebeauty’s Chebe Oil made using natural ingredients?
Chebe Oil, as well as all the other products in our range, are formulated using all-natural and safe ingredients. Each ingredient plays a vital role in providing your hair with essential nutrients to get the results you want. You can consult the full ingredients list on our product page.


Where is chebeauty made?
While sourced directly from the Republic of Chad, all of chebeauty products are made lovingly in the USA.


Can Chebe Oil be applied on the scalp?
While Chebe Oil can be applied all along the shaft of your hair, it is generally recommended to avoid the scalp.


Chebe Oil is an effective remedy for promoting hair growth and strengthening hair follicles specifically for afro-textured hair. It can be used once per week as part of a regular hair care routine to help keep your hair hydrated, moisturized and nourished. Additionally, Chebe Oil can help reduce breakage while promoting healthy growth. There is a whole selection of Chebe powder-containing products from chebeauty - each with different textures and benefits depending on additional ingredients. For more information on how to use Chebe products or other natural remedies for promoting healthy kinky hair growth, please look at our individual product pages read our article about chebe hair products.