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Chebe Powder

Chebe Powder

  • Highly effective in locking in moisture within the hair strands and keeping it nourished

  • Enhances hair appearance from top to bottom, making it smoother, softer, fuller 

  • Prevents hair breakage, split ends, shedding

  • 100% authentic Chebe powder from the heart of Africa

  • Used by women from Africa for hair length and retention for centuries

Powerful Moisturization

Prevent breakage and split ends

Strengthen & lengthen hair

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How To Use Chebe Powder?

Since Chebe Powder is more of an ingredient than a self-sufficient product, there are a couple of ways in which you can apply it

Appliaction One

Traditional Application


Traditionally, the Chadian women create a paste using oil, tallow, and Chebe Powder, and apply to damp hair. They repeat this process every 3-5 days without washing the hair. This method is the reason for their butt-length hair.

Best suited for: women looking to improve the quality and boost the length of their hair with all-natural mixture.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Application Two

Deep Conditioner Enhancement


Alternative way of mixing Chebe Powder is as an enhancement to a deep conditioner of your choice.

Best suited for: women wanting to enhance the benefits of their deep conditioner by boosting its nurturing properties.

Step 1

Step 2

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Why Use Chebe Powder?

chebe product application
Nourishes and moisturizes hair

One of the most important things for Afro-textured hair is to keep it well-hydrated - and Chebe Powder enables just that

chebe product application
Encourages stronger & thicker hair growth

One of the key qualities that made Chebe Powder popular in Chad in the first place is its ability to ensure healthy long-term hair growth

chebe product application
Prevents breakages & entanglement

The fact that Chebe Powder strengthens hair and provides it with necessary nutrients guarantees no more problems with breakage and tangled hair

Exceptional quality. Incredible results.

before before
after after

I'm in love with Chebeauty haircare range

This product really works wonders with my coily hair - been using this for several months now and never going back.

And join other black women of America.




“It gives so much moisture to your locks and provides them with high levels of nutrients needed for healthy growth.”


Melisza Mcpherson

Beauty Influencer


Christina Abiola

Beauty Influencer


Santia Deck



Kiaya Elliot

Beauty Influencer

Proudly hand-made in the United States

Every product of ours is hand-made with love in the United States. Using centuries old techniques from the women of Chad in Africa, our local artisans have been carefully selected to work at our dedicated facilities in Columbus, Ohio.

karkar oil chebe hair paste


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Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Must buy!!!!

I’ve only just received it but it has my twists looking shiny and moisturized and a little goes such a long way!!

Mardiny Jean-Pierre
My hair looks great 👍🏽

I used this product and it keeps my hair from over shedding and leaves it soft. Curls popping and shining.

Mildred Alabre
A great growth product.

I was very happy with the texture of the chebe powder, so the quality is great. After applying it to my hair, I braided my hair in 4 parts and left in overnight as a leave in conditioner. the next morning I had soft smooth curls. I've tried other products to gain moisture to my hair without success but, this one is a sure bet.

Martina Pretlow

I tried this product and OH MY GOODNESS! I shedded much less when detangling my hair with this product. My curls started popping and shining. This product is definitely at the top of my list!

Wanda Arnold
Made my hair extremely soft and manageable

I LOVE this product only been using it for 3 days and my hair has been staying so hydrated ..curls are sooo defined. hair feels so healthy! Recommend !!