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z Chebe Digital Gift Card

z Chebe Digital Gift Card

Share the transformative power of Chebeauty with our exclusive Gift Cards. Delight your loved ones with the opportunity to experience Chebe's natural potency—whether it’s powerful moisturization, enhanced strength, or luscious growth.
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Best Sellers

Chebe Hair Butter


Moisturize, strengthen and grow your hair with our flagship hair mask.

  • checkmark Moisturize
  • checkmark Hydrate
  • checkmark Treat
Chebe Hair Paste


Hydrate and strengthen your hair with ancient African haircare traditions.

  • checkmark Moisturize
  • checkmark Hydrate
  • checkmark Treat
Karkar Oil


Scalp oil that boosts blood circulation & hair growth, bringing out that healthy glow.

  • checkmark Moisturize
  • checkmark Scalp Care
  • checkmark Repair
Rice Water for Hair Growth


Packed with antioxidants and proteins, the rice water serves as an excellent conditioner.

  • checkmark Growth
  • checkmark Scalp Care
  • checkmark Treat

Proudly hand-made in the United States

Every product of ours is hand-made with love in the United States. Using centuries old techniques from the women of Chad in Africa, our local artisans have been carefully selected to work at our dedicated facilities in Columbus, Ohio.

karkar oil chebe hair paste


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