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Scalp Care Bundle

Scalp Care Bundle

  • Ultimate scalp care bundle
  • Promotes healthy scalp environment
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Encourages quicker hair growth

Healthy scalp environment

Prevent irritation & inflammation

Promote hair growth

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1 Week | Recommended for use 3-4 times week

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2 Week | Recommended for use twice a week

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1 Month | Recommended for use once a week

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2 Week | Recommended for use 3-4 times week

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1 Month | Recommended for use twice a week

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2 Month | Recommended for use once a week

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Bundle Includes

Chebe Shampoo
Fermented Rice Water
Chebe & Rosemary Elixir
z Chebe Hair Mist

Chebe Shampoo

Cleanse and invigorate your hair while harnessing the benefits of Chebe infusion.


Fermented Rice Water

Packed with antioxidants and proteins, the rice water serves as an excellent conditioner.


Chebe & Rosemary Elixir

Nourish and strengthen your hair with the power of Chebe and Rosemary.


z Chebe Hair Mist

Revitalize and hydrate your locks with our refreshing Chebe-infused hair mist.

Why should I buy a bundle?

chebe products bundle

Our bundles are designed so you get the most out of our haircare range while being more cost-effective than purchasing the products by themselves. We have specifically combined items together that complement each other to maximize your results.

Exceptional quality. Incredible results.

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My first choice for haircare by far

I really struggle with keeping my hair hydrated, especially when it gets chillier where I live so I had to try this product out and I absolutely love it! My hair feels much softer for sure.

And our community of women loves us for it.




“It gives so much moisture to your locks and provides them with high levels of nutrients needed for healthy growth.”


Melisza Mcpherson

Beauty Influencer


Christina Abiola

Beauty Influencer


Santia Deck



Kiaya Elliot

Beauty Influencer

Proudly hand-made in the United States

Every product of ours is hand-made with love in the United States. Using centuries old techniques from the women of Chad in Africa, our local artisans have been carefully selected to work at our dedicated facilities in Columbus, Ohio.

karkar oil chebe hair paste

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chebe?

The women of the Basara tribe in the northern African country of Chad have long preserved a haircare secret that helps them maintain long, waist-length natural hair and prevents hair breakage. This natural product is derived from components including shébé seeds (from the Croton zambesicus plant), mahllaba soubiane seeds, missic stone, cloves, and samour resin.

Chebe has been used for generations and is traditionally mixed with water to create a thick paste which is then applied to the hair. We have taken authentic chebe extract from Africa and combined it with other essential ingredients so you can get the most out of chebe and maximize the results.

Are all of your products made with natural ingredients?

Our entire range is formulated using all-natural and safe ingredients. Each ingredient plays a vital role in providing your hair and scalp with essential nutrients to get the results you want. See the full ingredients list.

Can I use your products on low-porosity hair?

Absolutely! Our haircare range is designed to suit all hair types and styles.

What is the recommended amount for a single use of Chebe Hair Butter?

Frequency: Once a week on freshly washed hair.

If you wash your hair more than once a week, you can reuse it after every wash.

Recommended dosage: Quarter-sized

It is recommended to apply a quarter-sized amount on a small section of your hair.

The amount needed for full application will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. Apply more if you have thick and long hair.

Durability: 1 month (4oz), 2 months (8oz)

How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping for $50 and up: FREE

Standard shipping for $0-$50: $5

Express 2-day shipping $50 and up: $5

Express 2-day shipping $0-$50: $10

Can I apply chebe to the scalp?

It is recommended to avoid the scalp when using chebe-infused products (Chebe Hair Butter, Chebe Hair Oil, Chebe Hair Paste, and Chebe Powder).

How can I get in touch with Customer Support?

You can get in touch with us at with any inquiries you may have. We’re always happy to hear from you.